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Selling stories FAQ's

frequently asked questions that arise from people wanting to sell their story to magazines and newspapers.


Blowing the whistleFAQ's

How can I reduce the risk of being identified?

We will not divulge your identity to any third party without your permission. If required, we can have a confidentiality agreement put in place. You do not have to give us your name when you initially contact us. However, in the case of e.g. selling information to a newspaper, we may need to contact you to get any further information required. - As such a Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail account would be useful.

How will I be paid?

If you are happy for us to move forward, the information you provide will be checked for accuracy. The inquiries we make to establish that the 'whistleblow' is authentic are crucial to whether the situation can be exposed in the press. We can pay you by cheque or bank transfer once a fee has been achieved from a newspaper. Payment is usually 4 weeks from date of publication. Fee's vary according to the importance of the story to the press. A fee will be agreed with you before publication in a newspaper. Fees can vary from £100 upwards.

Can I earn more by speaking with lots of agents and papers directly?

Very Unlikely. Depending on the nature of the story it is possible there will be a short window for your information to be of interest. By the time you've spoken to various parties and woken them up on the subject you may have missed the boat. We certainly wouldn't want to work with you without a perod of exclusivity.